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We’re just making staffing better

We want to remove friction from the process of finding good candidates

We know that staffing is too difficult. It’s weird because the world is built by humans at work. Hiring is foundational to every business in the world. Searching for good candidates is foundational to hiring. When you go to a recruiting service it’s because you’re ready to do business and you don’t want any obstacles. Going to an agency is better than searching manually, but is it really good enough? Is it worth what it costs?

This is what motivates us more than anything. When it comes to finding candidates that fit a job description, recruiters can do a phenomenal job. That’s what a hiring manager needs: agility and quality from an expert recruiter. The only problem is all the nonsense between you and the recruiter. This is what we’re doing at Rauster – putting you and the recruiter together. And we’re cutting out all of the expensive stuff at the same time.

We're a tech company with a beach town style and we take hiring people culture seriously

Work with people who care

We’re passionate about what we’re doing here because we understand the impact that a great new hire can make to a company.

Make things better

Hiring great people can make a good business into a great one. Making things better starts with great candidates.

Put culture and quality first

When we say #CultureFirst, we mean it. We hire the best, we grow together, we succeed together. We make staffing better.

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