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Freelance Staffing Platform

It’s about where your money is actually going: to big agency overhead costs or to a quality recruiter?

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Pay As You Go

No retainers or hourly rates. At Rauster you only pay once your hired candidate starts their new job.

Incentivize the Recruiters

Agencies charge big fees and keep almost all of it for themselves. With us, most of your fee goes to the recruiter.

Post your open roles in a few simple steps

You can post an open role to the recruiters at Rauster in a quick 2-step form. Give us the job details and then give us the description. We’re streamlining the process of sending the job requisition to the recruiter so that you’re communicating exactly what they need to do their job well and quickly.

  • Paste job descriptions from a word document
  • Set compensation as a range
  • Add tags that indicate your industry and business sector
  • Post multiple openings for the same job

Your jobs are staffed by experts in your industry

Rauster’s network of experienced and highly motivated recruiters includes experts from every industry and sector. By design, we only share your roles with recruiters in the same industry as you.

I've never had recruiters that specialized in fintech startups before! When I posted an opening for a Fraud Prevention Specialist I did not expect such great attention to detail.

Josh MargolisProduct Owner, Firefly

Get hand-picked candidates that match your job specifications

When you’re working with good recruiters, you’ll only see the best candidates. Sorting through stacks of mediocre resumes is not part of the experience anymore. You’ll be surprised at the quality and simplicity of reviewing the candidates submitted on Rauster.

Recruiters on Rauster truly understand your candidate’s availability for your job. Are they going to accept your offer if it’s extended? Are they going to entertain a counter-offer from their current employer? Are they just seeing what’s out there? Recruiters on Rauster check these common pressure points prior to presenting a candidate to you.

Go direct to recruiter. Any time.

Are you ready to staff better, faster, and cheaper?

You can sign up and post your job to our whole network of high quality freelance recruiters any time. Still not sure? Chat with John about it.