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At Rauster the rate is simple and small. You pay one flat fee for each hire you make.

We’re dedicated to making the recruiting and hiring experience simple and effective. We imagined the best possible experience we could give you and that’s what we’re offering. It turns out the best option is also the cheapest. Who knew?

The conventional agency recruiter paradigm is flawed because there are huge overhead agency costs that are simply not necessary. Connecting the hiring manager directly to the recruiter isn’t just the best experience, it’s also the most cost effective.

When all that waste is removed from the equation, there’s a much larger commission for the recruiter who’s doing the work. The result? The best recruiters are freelance recruiters.

They’re also the most highly motivated, specialized, and efficient. The new generation of staffing is better, faster, and less expensive than ever before. Thanks for using Rauster! See you at the top.

When a candidate accepts an offer, your fee will be 12% of the salary they’re accepting, but it can’t be lower than 12% of your advertised salary.

Here’s what you don’t pay for at Rauster:

  • Retainer fees
  • Hourly rates
  • Advertising costs
  • Administrative fees
  • Deposits

Your bill is posted on the candidate’s start date and it will be due within 30 days.

Some staffing agencies offer a Guarantee that a candidate will last for at least 30 to 90 days or they’ll be replaced at no cost. We don’t make any promises like that. When you make a hire, you’re accepting the normal risk associated with hiring.