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Get recruiters staffing your role in minutes

Rauster - Like Uber, but for hiring #DirectToRecruiter | Product Hunt

Stop paying high agency fees for low-effort recruiting. Go direct-to-recruiter with Rauster to get high quality candidates and high motivation recruiters at half the normal cost from amazing recruiters in your location and industry today!

If you're ready to ditch the dated agency-recruiter paradigm, we have the solution

Take a direct-to-recruiter approach

There's nothing between you and the recruiter.

Specialized best-of-breed recruiters

We source and hand-pick top recruiting talent in the U.S. so everyone on our roster is an A-class agent.

Only pay for the hires you make

No retainers and no hourly fees. You'll only pay for hires.

Post your jobs directly to industry-expert recruiters

There’s no vendor relationship, no retainer fee, no hourly rates. You can post your job and there will be veteran recruiters servicing your account within minutes.

It was refreshing to work with recruiters that weren't just posting my job online. They really sought out great talent.

Josh MargolisProduct Owner, Firefly

You'll get candidates that meet your specs

Tired of bad and expensive recruiters throwing unqualified resumes at you? Good recruiters only send you candidates they believe you can hire.

Agents with experience in your industry will carefully identify candidates that match your job description and parameters.

Exceptional rates.
No compromises.

Stop paying agency rates for low-effort recruiting. Go direct-to-recruiter with Rauster and get high quality candidates, high motivation recruiters, and half the normal cost.

Free Registration

There’s no cost to get in. No retaining fee or hourly rates. You can start right now.

Flat Rate Staffing

You pay a consistent 12% fee on salary for your hires, half the standard industry rate.

Industry Experts

We’re putting your jobs in front of expert recruiters that specialize in your field.

Direct to Recruiter

Most of the fee goes straight to the recruiter, meaning nobody has more motivated agents than we do.