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You’re early! Open sign up at Rauster is going live on April 15th

R ecruiting new members of your team is so important. We know the difference a great hire can make. And we know the terrible cost of a bad hire. We know the pain of wasting time waiting around when you’ve got an open role. You’re ready for a new way to build your team.

If you’re ready to ditch the dated agency paradigm, we’ve got the solution you’re looking for. The future is freelance recruiting. It’s like Uber for recruiters.

There’s a nation of incredible recruiters here. With Rauster, they’re all at your disposal, directly. We hope that you’re as excited as we are. On April 15th, we invite you to begin posting your jobs to our incredible freelance staffing platform. You’ll be filling your open roles with an agility you’ve never had before, and at lower rates.

Welcome to freelance staffing. Welcome to Rauster.


We are very excited to have you with us!

Rauster - Like Uber, but for hiring #DirectToRecruiter | Product Hunt

Our team has worked hard to bring you this platform that lets you take your staffing directly to the recruiters that are going to fill your roles. Be one of the first growing companies to experience the hiring agility that you can only find here.

Sign up to be enrolled personally by founder and head of operations Nick Carew on launch day.